Visualize your network

The friend graph

The friend graph

It’s been a while since my last post. I’ve been reading a lot of papers and still do, to acquire a broad knowledge about social software and how it can be used within learning management systems.

Reading this ACM article I came across a awesome piece of software. The Nexus friend grapher is able not only to visualize the network of all your friends within, it can find out similarities between your friends. Once you marked a friend, you can see who of your friends are friend with him and with who of your friends he has similarities like in music or hobbies.

Interesting to see is also the form. In clouds you can easily determine your “circle of friends”. There is a bunch of people i know from a specific company, which all are in the same cloud. People I know from the university are in a different cloud.

If you want to take a look at it without installing the facebook application or if you don’t have a facebook account, there is an anonymized demo you can play around with.

The Nexus friend grapher is definitly worth a look and a must-have for everyone researching in this field. A fine piece of software to visualize and explore your friends in a different way.

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