A Managed project

basecamp_teamworkpmIn order to keep track of my upcoming project, my master thesis, and to get all involved parties up to date, I thought about a collaboration platform. During my diploma thesis I had to work with offices in Germany, New York and Florida which worked fine despite the distance. One success factor was a web application called Basecamp . Since I made good experience with basecamp I decided to use it in order to keep track of milestones, to-dos and manage contact details of involved people. There is even a collaborative writeboard inside allowing you to write a text together with a bunch of people, able to compare versions and keeping track of the changes.
I know there are different or similar solutions like Teamwork which offer the same functionality and even some file space for free, but when I noticed, the account was already set up. But for the next project I will check it out.

What are you working with? Any other good experiences or hints?

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