eLearning @ CeBIT

After a good start, featuring a presentation of Prof. Dr. Udo Bleimann live on stage, talking about the Atlantis University Project, I took a brief look across projects about eLearning.

I had a very nice chat with a feller from Komuniki at our Stand. Komuniki is a young vibrant company based in Cyprus and Germany. They created a eLearning comunity featuring intercultural communication and collaboration. Attend an online class learning also about your virtual neighbor from India, China or wherever in the world.

Prof. Dr.-ing Krämer from Fern-Universität Hagen is creating a repository for eLearning media content called CampusContent. Why produce every little bit of media content yourself when there is already a bunch of content available. The repository will feature crontribution of new content and copy or reference things. It will also feature a licencing model in order to protect content from ilegal copying.

Kalmann Graffi a PhD candidate from TU Darmstadt is currently developing LiveSocial, a social network offering features similar to StudiVZ but with a peer-to-peer network model.

A company not directly involved in eLearning but still worth mentioning is an Liquiverse, founded by of a very innovative friend of mine. With Liquifile and Liquibase, Carsten Waldeck, is storming the field of browsing in a innovative manor. Even the official CeBIT website is featuring his liquid browsing to find exhibitors.

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