Tidy papers this time


Facing my master thesis in the field of eLearning and social networks and with my experience from my diploma thesis two years ago, I defenetly want to be more organized than during my diploma thesis.

The most difficult thing in my experience was and will be, to get hold of the huge amount of information, notes, papers and links. I decided to be better prepared and willing to get help by a tool this time.

Since I am a dedicated Mac User, hints and suggestions from other students weren’t very helpful because most students still use Windows systems. So I started to look around and poking some websites offering different tools.  I got a first clue on this website talking about a paperless office.

Tools of different flavors came along my search, like note-taking tools, citation tools and personal knowledge management. I want to present some tools I found very interessting and that I use now.

Sente is a free tool to collect and sort all your papers documents and notes. It also offers a way to export to BibTeX, which is kind of important if you are writing a document like a master thesis.

Link: http://www.thirdstreetsoftware.com/site/introduction.html

This browser plugin offers you a nice and easy way to keep track of links and notes while browsing the web.

Link: http://www.zotero.org/

This extensive collection of tools enables you to take notes and keep every thought in almost every situation. It offers services like browser plugins, an iPhone application and a standalone tool. Evernote comes for Macs and Windows.

Link: http://evernote.com/about/download/

This tool is actually my favorite! Similar to Sente, Papers is able to manage and order your papers and documents. Additionally it is able to connect to a bunch of online libraries such as ACM, PubMED, Google Books, Google Scholar .. , and automatically gets information about the paper like author, journal and so on. Papers even offers you an iPhone application to take your paper database on the road. The downside is a price of about 30 Euro, but I think It is totally worth it.

Link: http://mekentosj.com/papers/

Let me know what tools you use or know. Mac or Win doesn’t matter. I guess a lot of people will appreciate a nice collection of tools they can use or check out.

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