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Learning lecturer or lecturing learner?

Wednesday, September 26th, 2012

On Steve Wheelers last blog post “Live to Learn” he talked about his passion about learning and that got my thinking about my own passion.

Different from Steve, I am not some successful lecturer for several years and I think I am still somewhat more on the student way of life. I’d probably say it is 80/20 student to lecturer.

On the one hand I am still a student at Fernuniversität Hagen, trying to achieve my PhD at Plymouth University and I am an eager user of tools like Udacity iTunes U and, on the other hand I am also a lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences in Worms.

Surprisingly the emotions of these two roles are completely different for me.

On the student side what gets me the most going is that enquiring curious thing that I want to know how things work, why something happens and maybe even get a jist of what will happen before it does. I thinks I am also a “type” of learner that learns by watching others and talk to others so my communicating side is strong I guess.

On the lecturer side the communicating is even stronger. It is not only the subject that matters to me , it is also or even more, the Communication with the students or better expressed fellow learners. The dialog and the task to explain a certain exercise gives me the chance to understand it with their eyes which gives me a second, completely different viewpoint.

And by that I mean real lecturing and care about a topic not only tell something in front of a class of students. So for me teaching or lecturing is also a different form of learning. That brings me to the question if you have to be a passioned learner in order to be a passioned lecturer? Maybe some of you experienced lecturer can give me an insight on that?

Hello ICL2012

Wednesday, September 26th, 2012


After nearly two years tinkering on my area of research I finally managed to come up with the right questions and submitted my first paper at ICL2012.

This week I’ll be in Villach at the conference to present my paper and meet up with some of the fines e-learning researchers there are.
If you’re around, let me know and we can meet up. Ohh yeah and if you’re free on Thursday around 15:45 come and see my presentation about how we can foster adaptive e-learning by looking at culture-aware multidimensional user profiles.

See you in Villach!