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Plymouth E-Learning Conference 2011

Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011

The Plymouth E-Learning Conference 2011 is coming soon. From April 6th to April 8th, Plymouth will be crowded with E-Learning researchers from all over the world. Within the University of Plymouth at Drake Circus, researchers will be talking about web 2.0, social media and technologies within the process of teaching and learning. Key note speakers this year include Jane Seale, Stephen Heppell, John Davitt and Inge De Waard. The motto this year is: “Digital Futures: Learning in a Connected World”.

As a regular attendee I’m really looking forward to interesting dialogs, presentations and meeting the community, following the call of Steve Wheeler every year. Hope to see you there.

Visualize your network

Sunday, June 7th, 2009
The friend graph

The friend graph

It’s been a while since my last post. I’ve been reading a lot of papers and still do, to acquire a broad knowledge about social software and how it can be used within learning management systems.

Reading this ACM article I came across a awesome piece of software. The Nexus friend grapher is able not only to visualize the network of all your friends within, it can find out similarities between your friends. Once you marked a friend, you can see who of your friends are friend with him and with who of your friends he has similarities like in music or hobbies.

Interesting to see is also the form. In clouds you can easily determine your “circle of friends”. There is a bunch of people i know from a specific company, which all are in the same cloud. People I know from the university are in a different cloud.

If you want to take a look at it without installing the facebook application or if you don’t have a facebook account, there is an anonymized demo you can play around with.

The Nexus friend grapher is definitly worth a look and a must-have for everyone researching in this field. A fine piece of software to visualize and explore your friends in a different way.

Plymouth E-Learning Conference

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

conferenceAs I mentioned a long time ago, the Plymouth E-Learning Conference has succsessfully started today. After an enlightning key note from Mike Balmires, our Atlantis Project will have its own track. The track will contain 14 presentations during thursday and friday. If you are around stop by at one of our presentation to get an impression of our project. The first presentation is already running in Room 11.

Social networks @ CeBIT

Thursday, March 5th, 2009


After a walk through several halls, I spotted some more interessting stands offering quite innovative services in the field of social networking and eLearning.

Social online networks are not just a personal fun pages any more but very interesting for enterprises to use internally to improve collaboration within the enterprise or externally to cooperate with customers and suppliers. Blogtronix, a company located in Bulgaria, Canada and USA, offers social online networks especially tailored to enterprise needs.

André Ulrich and his company kontextwork offers Wikis, adapted to special needs of enterprises. Needs like online social networks, knowledge management, news, blogging and project-based collaboration can be served with wikis. Applicated Wikis are based on OpenSource projects and can be developed further to any kind of

Commetrix is a project of the Technical University of Berlin. It provides various ways to visualize social networks with a lot of input. Email traffic or online social networks can be analyzed and displayed. The results of the analysis can be tweaked and shaped in different ways like narrow it down by keyword. Taken its almost real-time character it is really useful for monitoring or getting snapshots of any kind of network.

A different approach of capture information about social networks is VennMaker. It doesn’t automatically import data from networks but offers the possibility of enter information manually as you talk to an individual. It focuses the subjective character of information provided by persons. Social networks can be drawn and exported in an easy way.

social virtPresenter
social virtPresenter developed by the University of Osnabrueck is an Facebook application that offers a lot of funktions for eLearning for the existing online social network. Videos of lectures can be watched online together with friends. Questions can be asked, according to specific points in the video. The watch behaviour is recorded and is visualized in the form of how often was a particular point watched.